30 Years Warranty

To all the Mat&Pil mattresses and immediate replacement of the foam parts with new ones. Mattresses

Unique Quality Foam

The excellence in quality lies in the fact that all foams are produced with "skin" in state-of-the-art and innovative production lines.

Modern Design & Certified Materials

The mattress in the middle includes a zipper for quick and easy removal of the cover. The fabrics are certified by the World Organization OEKO-TEX. The fabrics are certified by the World Organization OEKO-TEX.

Η αίσθηση της μνήμης

Memory Foam


Mat&Pil Memory epidermal foam, slow recovery with thermoregulatory properties for proper body temperature in all seasons. Thanks to the numerous cells, they allow air circulation, preventing the growth of mites and bacteria, thus offering a comfortable and healthy sleep. Provides a homogeneous, isometric support to the body and a feeling of embrace where the body needs it.


Soft memory foam & κοκοφοίνικας

Εύκολη αφαίρεση καλύμματος
Οργανικό Βαμβάκι

Mat&Pil Coco

The Coco mattress is a harmonious composition of ecological materials that support and align the whole body. The addition of coconut to the mattress allows air to pass through the mattress, regulating the temperature. In this way, it increases the feeling of stability, while helping to ventilate the mattress internally, offering healthy sleep.

Memory foam Toppers

Enhance the quality of your sleep by adding a Mat & Pil topper to your mattress. Discover all the options in toppers. Discover all the options in toppers.


170 €

Tailor made

Mattresses in every dimension, consisting of memory foam, coconut and support foam, adapted to your needs. Contact us and one of our representatives will serve you immediately.

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Mat & Pil team

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