A few words about us

MAT & PIL is a purely Greek company with privately owned facilities in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki having 30 years of experience in the production of foam products. It is now a successful 2nd generation family business with a modern look and orientation towards innovation.

Handmade mattresses, pillows, mattresses and other sleeping accessories such as mattress spare parts, summer pillow cases

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OΕΚΟ-ΤΕΧ Standar 100

Certification in all sleeping fabrics by the global organization OEKO-TEX for the absence of harmful substances

100% Organic

Organic materials from natural materials for healthy sleep.
Friendly to humans and the environment

30 Years Warranty

in all Mat & Pil mattresses and immediate replacement with a new one for guaranteed quality & comfortable sleep for a lifetime

Mat&Pil Box

Unbox you dreams!
All Mat & Pil products come to you in modern packaging and with airtight closure ensuring excellent quality during transport.

Our philosophy:

We offer products after many years of research and testing based on modern memory foam technology produced only within our facilities. Therefore the true quality and feel of Mat & Pil foams can only be discovered through genuine Mat & Pil products.

The 30 years of experience in memory technology with MAT & PIL foam production unit makes us a unique Greek company with exclusive specialization in memory foam sleep products.

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