Unbox Your Dream

Have you just received a box? No, no the carrier did not make a mistake!

All mattresses, pillows and sleeping accessories of the company MAT & PIL are sent in creative packages ensuring the excellent quality of the product during transport!
We love the environment and this can be seen in practice by choosing 100% recyclable packaging materials, thus reducing environmental pollutants.

Fabric Care

The MAT&PIL Quilted Fabric fabric case is easily removed by opening the zipper of your pillow or mattress. That was it, it is ready for washing!

Hygiene during your sleep is important for us and that is why we chose a high quality fabric that allows washing in the washing machine at 60 ℃ in a low speed program.

Tip: For longer lasting properties of the fabrics, washing at 30°C is recommended.

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The absolute security

Feel safe and secure as all MAT&PIL fabrics are Certified with OEKO-TEX STANDART 100 for the absence of harmful substances.

MAT&PIL Quilted Fabric is made from natural Modal fiber which is produced from cellulose after the processing of beech wood. The ecological fiber of MAT & PIL fabrics stands out for its softness, but also for its thermoregulatory properties that are especially useful during the summer months.


Close your eyes and feel the softness of the fabrics as well as their light feeling!

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