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The internal materials “memory foam” and “core foam” used in all sleeping products of Mat&Pil, are produced only by the production facilities of our company, where the tests are performed. Therefore, the real quality of the materials as well as their properties, you will experience exclusively through MAT&PIL products.

Mat&Pil Core Foam

The absolute support

Compact open cell foam for isometric body support and enhanced stability. This material is usually used at the base of the mattress construction to offer a sense of restraint and stability. This material is accompanied by a 30-year warranty on the mattresses.
Possible deviation +/- 1cm due to foam material.Πιθανή απόκλιση +/- 1cm λόγο αφρώδους υλικού.

Mat&Pil Memory foam

The sense of memory

Slow recovery foam, with thermoregulatory properties for proper body temperature at all times of the year. Thanks to the numerous cells that allow air circulation, the growth of mites and bacteria is prevented, offering a comfortable and healthy sleep. Provides a homogeneous, isometric support to the body and a feeling of embracing where the body needs it. This material comes with a 30-year warranty on the mattresses. Possible deviation +/- 1cm due to foam material.
memory foam before matpil
memory foam after matpil

Mat&Pil Base Fabric

Resistance to any condition

High quality fabric and resistance to over 100,000 abrasions to ensure excellent mattress retention over time. The waterproof property of this fabric makes it easy to maintain and clean. Certified with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 for the absence of harmful substances

Mat&Pil Quilted Fabric

Touch like silk

With modal fibers derived from natural beech cellulose with thermoregulatory properties, creating ideal sleeping conditions in winter and summer for a pleasant sleep. Modal natural fibers allow the skin to breathe throughout sleep, significantly reducing sweating during sleep as it is the best choice for the sensitive skin of the face and body. Certified with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 for the absence of harmful substances.

Organic Cotton

Love for the environment & man

Organic cotton fabric, which without the use of toxic and resistant pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, makes it an ideal fabric to minimize the occurrence of allergies in sensitive age groups, such as infants and children. In addition, the various cultivation methods, as well as the materials used, have low impact on the environment. Certified with OEKO-TEX STANDART 100 for the absence of harmful substances.


Natural pure

The purest material of nature in the hands of our experienced people in the manufacture of sleeping products and accessories, ensuring the highest quality result.


Tropical nature in your mattress

The natural / ecological fibers, which come from the outer bark of the tropical coconut, after the proper treatment, give us a completely natural product that helps in the effective internal ventilation of the mattress, while at the same time enhancing the sense of stability and durability

Eco - Freeze

A feeling of coolness in every dream

Ecological material with water base which offers an immediate feeling of coolness by absorbing the heat of the skin and balancing the temperature, creating ideal sleeping conditions even in high temperatures during the summer months. Ideal solution for those who have a problem with sweating during sleep. Approved by the global organization OEKO-TEX with Eco Passport certification for the absence of harmful substances and ecological responsibility.
eco freeze inside classic
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