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Mat2Senses Sleeping Mattress with Memory Foam


A mattress with two different sensations of ecological memory foam that combines memory foam with a firm feeling on the left side and memory foam with a soft feeling on the right side.

  • Awarded a Gold Award from the Green Brand Awards 2024.
  • Freeze Technology: The innovative combination of Eco-Freeze material and Freeze Fabric for absolute regulation of body temperature during sleep.
  • 30-year guarantee on all mattresses (applies only to foam materials)
  • Mat(s)tress Free program, concerns the purchase of a Mat&Pil mattress through the e-shop and gives the customer the right to return the product after 15 nights of testing.

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Award-winning mattress with Gold Award from the Green Brand Awards 2024 consisting of 2 different sensations of ecological memory foam MAT&PIL© Memory Foam and ecological MAT&PIL© Core Foam at the base of the mattress. Sleep is a personal affair and at Mat & Pil we believe that couples sharing the same bed should be both satisfied with their mattress. That’s why we designed the Mat2Senses mattress that combines memory foam with a firm sense on the left side and memory foam with a soft sense on the right side so that the different anatomical needs and preferences of both are covered.
All you have to do is choose the side that suits you!

Freeze Technology by Mat&Pil: The innovative combination of Eco-Freeze material and Freeze Fabric in your mattress came to change what you knew about the temperature of your sleep!
The unique technology of the water-based Eco-Freeze ecological material offers an incomparable feeling of coolness throughout sleep by absorbing the heat of the skin, while at the same time the latest technology Freeze Fabric dissipates the accumulated temperature and balances the microclimate between the mattress and the body, creating ideal sleeping conditions.
Eco-Freeze and Freeze Fabric material performance that does not degrade over time.
It is an ideal solution to the problem of night sweats during sleep for all seasons.

Mattress height 20 cm. Possible deviation +/- 1cm due to foam materials.

The special design of the case includes a removable cover on the top that can be easily removed with a zipper for washing. The cover from MAT & PIL © Quilted Fabric is produced from cellulose fibers resulting in a feeling of silky softness as well as thermoregulatory properties for proper regulation of body temperature at all times of the year.

At the same time, the fixed part of the case made of MAT&PIL© Base Fabric is a high-quality fabric with resistance to over 100,000 abrasions (EN ISO 12947-1 Resistance Certification), with waterproof (WR treatment) and stain-resistant properties. Certified with: OEKOTEX Standart-100 for the absence of harmful substances,
DIN EN 1021-1 BS 5852 flame resistance.

*For shipping to remote/inaccessible areas there may be transport charges. Please contact us.


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