3D Mat

Διαστάσεις σε cm Τιμή
90 x 200
515 €
140 x 200
794 €
150 x 200
820 €
160 x 200
850 €
180 x 200
1073 €
3D_1 – μεγάλη
34_3D_SQ_CLOSE_UP – μεγάλη
3d mat inside
36_3D_SQ_box – μεγάλη
3dmat freeze inside
33_3D_FREEZE_CLOSE_UP – μεγάλη
3D_1 – μεγάλη

3D Mat Sleeping Mattress with Memory Foam


An effective solution for those who need orthopedic support in the back and pelvis but at the same time love the soft feeling of memory foam in the rest of the body. Mattress height: 20 cm.

  • Awarded a Gold Award from the Green Brand Awards 2024.
  • Awarded a Gold Award from the Sleep Awards 2023.
  • Freeze Technology: The innovative combination of Eco-Freeze material and Freeze Fabric for absolute regulation of body temperature during sleep.
  • 30-year guarantee on all mattresses (applies only to foam materials)
  • Mat(s)tress Free program, concerns the purchase of a Mat&Pil mattress through the e-shop and gives the customer the right to return the product after 15 nights of testing.

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