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AirFreeze Wavy Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow in Anatomical Shape


Anti-sweating sleeping pillow in anatomical shape for better neck support.

Dimensions: length 55cm, width 36cm, height 8cm – 10cm & 10cm -12cm

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Innovative pillow made of 100% ecological memory foam MAT&PIL© with a technological design, which allows the air to pass from the inside to the outside and with an Eco-Freeze coating in an anatomical pillow shape.

The innovative design of this pillow gives the pillow the ability to “breathe”. The effective ventilation inside the pillow helps to prevent the growth of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms harmful to the body, giving us completely healthy sleep.

At the same time, the unique technology of the ecological material Eco-Freeze with a water base offers an incomparable feeling of coolness throughout sleep by absorbing the heat of the skin and balancing the temperature creating ideal sleeping conditions. It is an ideal solution to the problem of night sweats during sleep especially in the summer months. At the same time, it also contributes to the reduction of swelling, skin tightening and strengthens the skin renewal process during sleep.

Its studied orthopedic design adapts to the human body, aligning the body – neck – head, offering a therapeutic sleep, relieving back and neck pain.

For a more intense feeling of coolness, it is recommended to use the pillow without the outer detachable case. While for those who do not want the feeling of coolness during the winter months, it is recommended to use the pillow with the outer detachable case.

For children over 10 years, Airflow wavy low in soft feel is recommended.

The case is easily removable with a zipper for hand washing up to 30°C. MAT&PIL© Quilted Fabric is produced from cellulose fibers resulting in a feeling of silky softness as well as thermoregulatory properties to create suitable sleeping conditions in all seasons of the year. It is accompanied by certification for the absence of harmful substances from the global organization OEKOTEX Standart-100.

The pillow is available in 2 different firmness levels and in 2 different sizes. Cushion dimensions: length 55cm, width 36cm, height 8cm – 10cm and 10cm -12cm. (possible deviation +/- 1cm due to foam material)

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 44,5 × 14 × 14 cm
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