3D Mat

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Mat&Pil 3d

3D Mat


3 different memory zones, one for each part of the body

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Mattress from 3 different ecological zones MAT & PIL © Memory Foam and solid open cell foam MAT & PIL © Core Foam at the base of the mattress for specialized anatomical needs.
The 3D Mat is the ideal solution for those who need enhanced memory foam support on the torso that gathers most of the body weight and strains more and softer memory sensation in the head and legs. An effective solution for those who need orthopedic support in the back and pelvis but at the same time love the soft feeling of memory foam in the rest of the body.


The special design of the case includes a removable cover on the top that can be easily removed with a zipper for washing. The cover from MAT & PIL © Quilted Fabric is produced from cellulose fibers resulting in a feeling of silky softness as well as thermoregulatory properties for proper regulation of body temperature at all times of the year. At the same time, the fixed part of the case from MAT&PIL © Base Fabric is a high quality fabric with resistance to over 100,000 abrasions with waterproof and stainless properties.

Certified for the absence of harmful substances by the global organization OEKOTEX Standart-100.

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