Hotel equipment

The accommodation experience is based on the sleep experience you offer.

Ensure the maximum satisfaction of your guests by equipping your reception areas with MAT & PIL mattresses, pillows and sleeping accessories.

Our many years of experience in the manufacture of foam mattresses and our constant communication with hotel professionals, has led us to the development of sleep products that meet the requirements of the majority of people so that you can satisfy the maximum number of guests.

30 years of research and development

they can guarantee that your guests will enjoy a unique sleeping experience Due to the improved sleep sensation offered by the MAT & PIL memory foam mattresses, your customers' sleep will be harmoniously combined with the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

The high standards in the choice of materials combined with the strict certifications of the sleeping products ensure that you offer a high quality sleeping experience that will take off your stay in your facilities.


Adjust the comfort level of the bed by easily and quickly adding a MAT & PIL mattress in case a guest wants a softer feeling. The removable top layer also functions as an outer cover that protects and gives “life” to your mattress.

The minimal design of the MAT&PIL mattresses guarantees maximum comfort


Showroom Service

Book a personalized appointment through our new showroom service to try our products up .

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